Residential - $203 | Roughly 2.5 Hours
Commercial - $303 | Roughly 4 Hours


Below are the steps that are team will perform to make your interior look like new.

We will begin by removing all floor mats. For plastic floor mats we will use a pressure washer and APC followed by a conditioner. For carpet mats, we will spray with water and APC and scrub with a drill brush, then extract.

We will use an air cannon to blow out debris from under seats, door panels, and carpet. This will also agitate the carpet to bring dirt to the surface.

Once we have agitated the carpets we will vacuum all carpets, crevices, and upholstery. We will remove fine dirt and hair using a drill brush and dog hair brush.

Once we are done vacuuming we will lightly spray carpets and cloth seats with water. We will then apply carpet cleaner, scrub with a drill brush, and extract the dirty solution.

Once the floors are clean we will scrub all interior plastics, leather, and other hard surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner and detail brush. During this time we will clean the dash, seats, trim, doors, and door jams.

This step it the biggest difference between cleaning and detailing. Our team will use special detailing swabs and picks to clean air vents, cracks, and crevices.

This is where the shine comes. Our team will apply a protective conditioner to plastics and leather conditioner to leather surfaces.

Our team will use glass cleaner and a plush microfiber towel to clean all interior and exterior glass.

Once the detail is complete our team will spray an odor eliminator and install a custom Someday Shine air freshener.


We use All Purpose Cleaner from Adam’s Polishes to clean a wide range of interior surfaces including plastics, leather, and carpets safely and precisely.

We use Invisible Glass because it works the best at removing fingerprints, smudges, and grime, leaving your glass clean and streak-free. 

We use Leather Conditioner from Adam’s Polishes to provide premium protection for your seats, door panels, and any other leather surfaces.

We use Odor Neutralizer from Adam’s Polishes to provide a pleasant and clean scent to your vehicle once the detail is complete.

We use 303 Aerospace Protectant to condition plastic surfaces because it provides a like-new finish and helps protect from UV rays and stains.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle! Whether you need a ceramic coating, paint correction, or interior and exterior detailing, our team at Someday Shine is here to provide top-notch service. With over a decade of experience and the use of high-quality Adam’s Polishes products, we guarantee your satisfaction. Give your car the shine it deserves!

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Emergency Mini Treats
in the last week
We had our commercial heavy rescue firetruck waxed by Someday Shine and it looks amazing! Will use them again in the future! Thanks Bella and Team! -Emergency Mini Treats-
William Bordovsky
in the last week
My wife’s Rav 4 is the kennel for 3 rescues it’s only 2 years old but never had been detailed the team came to our house fighting the rain and spent over 2 hrs rocking it out . When my wife got in her car she was amazed and thought it was brand new we will be using Sameday Shine for all our future detailings Thanks Zach
Jacob Mims
in the last week
a week ago
I’ve never used a mobile car detailer before, and at first I was a bit skeptical, but from the pristine clean to the great professionalism shown by Jackie I can confidently say that if I ever need another car detailed I’ll be sure to reserve with Someday Shine. Thank you all so much.
Alison Williams
a week ago
Someday Shine did a full interior and exterior detail of our SUV this week and I am astonished by the results! To be honest, our car was not that dirty to begin with. We clean it regularly but we have a dog and that fur gets everywhere! Every single crevice was cleaned and by the end it was sparkling like new! I also really appreciated the communication before they even arrived...from answering my questions over FB messenger so quickly, to the texts with ETA's day of. I highly recommend Someday Shine if you are looking for quality work and excellent auto detailing!